• Michelle Gill

The Antonius Trilogy by Brook Allen

The Antonius Trilogy is a series of three books of historical fiction covering the life of Marcus Antonius, Marc Antony. It is Brook Allen's debut in published writing. The series begins with Marcus as a child after the death of his father and the series ends with his own death. It is hard to believe that these are Brook Allen's first books. All three books are so well written and researched. As with all historical fiction, the author takes creative license in details of Marcus's life and emotions that we have no way of knowing. These details draw the reader in to care for the subject which propels you into the next book and the next. Had there not been that connection created by the author, I doubt the reader would be so compelled to devour each book as they came to print. At the end of the third book, I was exhausted in a satisfied way. I felt as though I had fought so many battles and faced so much betrayal that I needed a rest. I went outside in the cold night and looked up at the stars and wondered what Cleopatra was thinking when she looked up at the stars and the planets in Alexandria's sky before she entered the temple for the last time. A lot of trilogies end with the last book not sustaining the details and interest of the first two books, almost like the writer had lost steam; not so with Antonius: Soldier of Fate. The last book is as good as the first. I highly recommend The Antonius Trilogy - Son of Rome, Second in Command, and Soldier of Fate. Recommendation by Michelle Gill. Learn more about The Antonius Trilogy here.


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